Service Opportunities for the Weekend 9/8, 9/9 & 9/10

The flood waters have receded and plan that all members of the Church in the Katy area will have completed the mucking and gutting of their homes by the end of the weekend. We will also be placing increased focus on helping with the countless other homes across our community which still need remediation.  To help in this endeavor, teachers from Katy ISD will be joining us, as will up to 1,000 church members from the Austin area.

If you know of anyone in the area that still needs assistance with re-mediating their home, we’d like to assist.  For friends and neighbors for whom you want Mormon Helping Hands to personally do the flood clean up in their home, please send their name, address, phone #, and details of work to be done to  Otherwise, you can have them call the following phone number and either our group or another non-LDS group will help them: 800-451-1954.

Please work with your ward leaders to sign up for a work crew.   Also, please bring any gloves, masks and safety goggles you have–or that others can donate–as we want to ensure we have sufficient safety protection for all our volunteers.  Here is the slate of service opportunities for the upcoming weekend:

Friday:   70 teachers from Katy IDS will be joining Mormon Helping Hands–come out and participate with us.  Meet at Beck Jr. High at 10 AM to work until 4 PM.   We do need a few additional crew chiefs–so if you could help lead a team, please let Fred Lewis know (

Saturday:  meet at the Katy Stake Center at 8 AM (teachers from Katy ISD may again be joining us).

Sunday:   a special sacrament meeting will be held for flood relief volunteers at 8 AM at the new Heritage Bluff bldg.  All other wards will have a 1 hour sacrament mtg at the usual time and location—except:

-Cross Creek and Grand Lakes: combined sacrament meeting at 9:30 AM at the Heritage Bluff bldg.  Sealy: 8 AM at the Sealy bldg.

We have seen firsthand the level of sacrifice and devotion that so many of you have put forth in the past week. We’re so thankful for all you’re doing.  Please ensure you are getting sufficient rest. We do not expect you to participate in each service event–so pace yourself and choose only those that you’re reasonably able to assist with.

We continue to see the Lord’s hand in this work. We see miracles each day.  Doors opening. Hearts softening.  Remarkable relationships forming.   We pray for your continued safety and well being in the days ahead as we carry His love and hope into the hearts of those we serve.

We will now be placing additional focus on assisting them with their spiritual and temporal needs they begin the rebuilding process.


The Katy Texas Stake Presidency


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