Summary of Service to Date & Plans for This Weekend!

Over the past 10 days, so many of you have put forth tremendous labors to aid our neighbors who were impacted by the flooding from Hurricane Harvey.  Your donations, service, prayers, meals, time, organizational assistance, hugs, tears, and sacrifices have blessed their lives in countless ways!

  • 107 different work crews
  • 1,500 members and friends from the Katy stake
  • 156 homes remediated!

 This past weekend, across Houston there were: 

  • 11,000 LDS Church members serving on Sunday; 10,000 members on Saturday from 53 stakes! Dallas, San Antonio, Austin, Baton Rouge, Jackson, Mississippi
  • At least 5 stakes from Austin serving in Katy
  • Estimated 200,000 hours!

More opportunities to serve this weekend 9/16-17:

We have been asked by the Area Seventy to send out as many work crews as possible again this Saturday and Sunday.  Thousands of additional LDS volunteers will be coming in to help us from across Texas.  Our LDS volunteers from Louisiana and Mississippi are heading to Florida to help with Hurricane Irma clean-up.   Please sign up with your ward leaders to join a crew and invite friends and neighbors to join us!

Requesting Help for Homeowners.  If you become aware of people who still need assistance re-mediating their homes, please have them call 844-965-1386. If you have friends, family, or co-workers for whom you’d like Mormon Helping Hands to personally assist them, please email with their name/address/phone number/details of the work needed/and your ward name.  Since we aren’t doing any mid-work remediation, please communicate to your friend that our next availability to assist them will be this Saturday/Sunday.

 Thank you for your efforts in this great work!


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