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APRIL 10 – 16, 2016

Elder Dan Jones, Area Authority for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has encouraged members of the church to reach out and volunteer during Compassionate Houston Week April 10 – 16. Below are a few events still seeking volunteers in the Katy/nearby area. We invite you to volunteer for one of the events as we serve and help strengthen individuals and our community. Sign up is required. See link for each event.

Fri. Apr 15, 2pm- 4pm and Sat. Apr 16, 9 am-11am Sort food donations for Katy Christian Ministries, age 12 and older preferred, volunteers 12 – 13 years old need an adult to accompany them.
To sign up:

Sat. Apr 16, 1pm – 4 pm Walk and Bike at Brookwood Community. Family friendly!
Sign up to volunteer. Limited space.

Sat. Apr 16, 8am – Special Olympics Track and Field Meet hosted by Katy Stake YM/YW. See ward YM/YW leaders for details. Katy Stake YM/YW ages 12 –18.

Sat. Apr 16, 8am- 12:30pm – Tree Planting At Paul D. Rushing Park 9114 Katy Hockley Cut off at Hwy 290.
Must sign up in advance to help.
Call Stephen DuBois, Landscaper 713-295-8320 work, 713-459-3981 cell;

Apr. 16-17 – BP MS 150 Bike Ride Houston to Austin. Volunteers needed along the route to support the riders.
Register at

Refugee Assistance
Help Interfaith Ministries as they assist refugees settling in the greater Houston area.

Check for many other volunteer listings and Just Serve.

Questions??? Contact Steve or Sue Feil, Katy Stake Public Affairs Community Service Specialists at or 281-578-5047.

Katy Stake Trek 2016

Just two weeks ago, 200 high school youth from our stake gave up part of their spring break to participate in a 3 day Pioneer Trek and experience firsthand the faith and determination it took to make the journey across the plains. They participated in a variety of faith-building experiences similar to those of the pioneers who made the journey to the Salt Lake Valley in the mid-1800s.
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Over the course of the trek more than 11 miles were walked while pulling handcarts through some rough terrain that included many steep hills and a lot of mud. The youth were divided into families and led by a “ma and pa”, each family working together to overcome the obstacles. Jonah Turner of the Katy 2nd Ward said, “Going into Trek I didn’t really know anyone in my Family but by the end I felt extremely close to everyone and was very sad to return to my ‘normal’ life.” 3


Hundreds of hours of planning took place in the months leading up to trek to pull off such a wonderful experience for these youth! 15 handcarts were made (many as part of an Eagle Scout project), meals planned and then enough food brought up to the remote location to feed the 200 youth and 50 adult volunteers, music prepared, pioneer games and activities were carefully planned (such as candle dipping and taffy pulling), babies were made by a quilting group for each family to care for along the trek, tents donated, fresh water brought in, etc. It was definitely all worth it to see the amazing experiences the youth came away with! “Trek was a wonderful experience for me. It was cool to get to see what my ancestors had to experience. It was very humbling and amazing to see how dedicated these people were to the church,” said Daemon Morse of the Katy Mills Ward.

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An especially moving moment for many was the women’s pull. The journey already long and difficult when pulling heavy handcarts, only intensified when the men were pulled away as a way to reinact being enlisted by the Mormon Battalion, leaving the women to pull their heavy handcarts alone.
Firesides were held each evening and on the last night we were lucky enough to have Brother and Sister Jim and Ola Mae Williams from Mesa Arizona host a square dance and then speak at the concluding fireside. They served a mission in Martin’s Cove and welcomed thousands off the trail, telling stories of the pioneers and calling the square dances there. It was a perfect way to end the long, hard days walking and pulling.


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Myah Perez of the Grand Lakes Ward summarized the experience perfectly, “Trek was an awesome experience for me! One of my favorite things about it was meeting new people and bonding with them through the hard things we faced. I think the biggest lesson I learned is that we can accomplish great things with the help of good people and the help of the Lord. I’ve come to realize that although there will sometimes be trials placed into our paths that are too difficult to bear alone, as brothers and sisters, we can help bear each other’s burdens through our service and love. We should always remember that the Savior loves us perfectly and will never abandon us in our times of need. I’m grateful that I got to go on trek this year, and that I was able to draw closer to my Savior while doing so!” 15

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For information on the actual pioneer trek made by so many early saints, click HERE.
And you can see more pictures and videos from our stake’s trek experience HERE.

Katy Family History Fair

On October 25th, our stake hosted a magnificent family history fair.
Many people put much time, energy and prayer into the planning of the educational event.
For those of us new to family history, it can seem very overwhelming to get started.
At the fair nearly every aspect of family history was covered: how to get started on, what types of research can be done online (and where), creating family history books, and even tips for writing your own personal history.
Another topic covered was the importance of working with your living ancestors. I especially love this idea and think about how I should get started on it often.
One of the presenters quoted Bruce Feiler, who said, “The single most important thing you can do for your family may be the simplest of all: develop a strong family narrative…The bottom line: if you want a happier family, create, refine and retell the story of your family’s positive moments and your ability to bounce back from the difficult ones. That at alone may increase the odds that your family will thrive for many generations to come.”
Now we just need to do it!
Another great way to get started is to try out family indexing. It is simple and fulfilling, and everything you need is provided for you. Try it out HERE!
Modern-day prophets and apostles have continually taught the need for Church members to become involved in family history work. Elder Richard G. Scott expressed, “The real value of research in identifying ancestors is providing the ordinances for them in the temple.” And Russel M. Nelson said, “When our hearts turn to our ancestors, something changes inside us. We feel part of something greater than ourselves. Our inborn yearnings for family connections are fulfilled when we are linked to our ancestors through sacred ordinances of the temple.”
If you were unable to attend, don’t worry, they have posted much of the information shared for us to easily access!
Just click HERE for handouts, power point presentations, etc.
You can also visit the Katy Texas Family History page on Facebook to find out the latest information.