Stake Conference Schedule, August 2014

Here is everything you need to know about this weekend’s conference…

Dear Brothers and Sisters:

A quick reminder from the Stake Presidency of the Katy Texas Stake that our stake conference, with a visiting authority Elder J. Romeo Villarreal, is this weekend.

Here are the details again:

Stake Conference begins on Saturday, Aug 9th with our priesthood leadership meeting from 3 to 5 PM at the Katy Stake Center. Those that should attend: Stake PEC members, Bishoprics/Branch Presidencies, Clerks and Assistant Clerks, Executive Secretaries and Assistants, HPGLs and Assistants, EQP and counselors, Ward Mission Leaders, YM Presidencies, and SS Presidencies.

The Saturday evening session will then be from 6 to 8 PM at the stake center. We have been asked again to have all adults and all youth ages 12 to 18 attend this session. We recognize that many families in our stake who have young children typically use the youth from our stake as their babysitters–and that those youth will not be available on Saturday since they’ll be attending stake conference. We are thus making some special arrangements so that babysitting concerns do not prevent anyone from attending. Here are the details:

We strongly encourage families with young children to identify a babysitter on their own so that they can attend the Saturday session and be able to focus fully on the important messages that will be shared.
For any who are unable to find a babysitter, we will have the Relief Society and Primary rooms at the Stake Center set up so that those with young children can still see and hear the Saturday evening session.
We will also broadcast the Sat evening session to the Longenbaugh and Drexel buildings. The session will be shown in the Chapel and the Relief Society and Primary Rooms, so that parents can be with their young children and still hear the messages. Again, wherever possible, we strongly encourage our members to join us in person at the Katy Stake Center for the Saturday evening session.

The visiting authority has asked for a special meeting for new or recently reactivated members. The meeting will be at the Katy Stake Center on Sunday from 8:30-9:30am and it is for new members or recently reactivated members over the past two years.

The Sunday morning general session of stake conference will take place on Aug 10th from 10am to Noon and will be broadcast from the stake center. We invite you to view stake conference as outlined below:
Longenbaugh Building: Copperfield
Bear Creek Building: Bear Creek and Westlake
Drexel Building: Katy 1 and Katy Mills
Sealy Building: Sealy 1 and Sealy 2
Katy Stake Center: Katy 2, Katy 3, Katy 4, and Nottingham Country [CHANGE we would like to ask for members that live in Cross Creek to attend at the stake center – this is a change from what had been announced previously).

We look forward to being with you at stake conference this weekend.

With Love, the Katy Texas Stake Presidency

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