Invite One

We have been challenged by our Stake Presidency in recent months to Invite One person to one church event. It could be a church meeting, church basketball, dance, seminary, Relief Society, the family history center. There are countless ideas!
Stake conference is coming up in just 2 more weeks (21 February, Saturday, at 7pm ADULT Session of Stake Conference and 22 February, Sunday, at 10am) which provides yet another opportunity.
We would love to share some of the experiences of the members of our stake as they participate in this initiative, so please let us know if you have a story to share!

Here is one member’s recent inspiring experience:

“I read Brother Moriss’ challenge to them on Monday and they decided they would put their faith in action this very week. They each prayed about a name of a friend they could invite to seminary on Friday, and once they shared the name they’d chosen, we prayed for those names as a class all week. Two girls invited their whole swim team. One young man challenged his whole soccer team to attend, assuring them they’d win their game if they attended seminary at 6am on game day. Not every invitation was accepted, but Friday morning, we had an additional FOUR young people attend seminary with us. We read from the scriptures, several students bore testimony of personal revelation and God’s plan for us, and then we enjoyed a LOT of donuts. It was awesome.

I’ve learned some things this week…

That when the Lord, through His servants, extends a challenge, the youth are willing and eager to demonstrate the faith enough to accomplish the request.

I learned that we need only be brave enough to extend the invitation… that if a teenager is willing to attend a 6am prayer meeting, then my neighbor or co-worker or relative just might attend a 10 am church meeting or a fireside or a Family Home Evening with me, too.

I’ve learned that the youth of this world who are not of our faith are just as hungry for truth and light as we are, and that I, as is everyone else in our Stake, am under obligation to help them find it.

And I learned that the youth of our Stake are born missionaries, we need only teach them and show them an example worthy of following, and they will perform the work they’ve been born to do.

I know that as teachers, we issue challenges and invitations to our students all of the time. I was especially humbled and impressed that these kids took this one to heart and that our experience was such a positive one. I know the Lord is mindful of these youth and that this is one of many miracles we can witness when we help these children understand His ways.

Thanks for letting me share!

G Woolwine
Cinco West Ward

PS One guest has said he will attend next Friday, when one of my students (his friend) will be teaching a 5 minute lesson
PSS The soccer team won their game, 4-0. Whew!”

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