Public Resource: Communication Session 9/7

This opportunity presented itself as a great resource to hear what services are available and steps to take after being flooded. This is not sponsored by the Church, but wanted to make it known to those who would benefit.

question session

Get your questions answered from professionals 
*Car/Home Insurance filing *FEMA 
*Choosing a contractor *Real estate questions 
*Landlord obligation *Mortgage company & credit card help
*How to give back *Volunteering opportunities

*Home repairs *Question and Answer session

We will have a professional panel to discuss how to get back on our feet and where to turn for resources. 
Location: The Village School, 2005 Gentryside Dr. Houston, TX 77077
We will update you as more information becomes available.
We will get through this!
#HoustonStrong #TexasStrong
Energy Corridor District Offices will be closed until further notice, but we will keep you updated via social media and emails as necessary.

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