Updates for Hurricane Relief – 9/1/17

This is an update, the main information is listed below in the previous post. Updates & Opportunities to Serve After Hurricane Harvey

So much service was done these last few days!

  • On Friday, members of the stake organized a “build a flood cleaning bucket” brigade and a whopping 450 buckets we created by members of the Church and members of the community.  They will all be distributed on Saturday.
  • Bright yellow helping hands shirts have been seen all over Katy Christian Ministries the last 3 days accepting, sorting, and distributing donations for those in need!
  • HEB donated a truckload of 42,000 lbs of fresh produce at the United Way in Brookshire. Many stake members were there leading this unloading and distribution of these fresh goods yesterday afternoon

Service for this weekend (9/2-4)

  • Work crews are being arranged for cleaning up, muck & gut projects in the area. Over 160 members from the Katy Stake have committed their time and talents tomorrow! Because the water has not receded yet in many parts of east & south part of the stake, we will be helping with flood clean up in the western part of our stake in the community of Brookshire.  The people are so grateful.  The Mayor and others are ecstatic and grateful to the Church. Please contact your ward crew leader to get the details for Saturday (tomorrow) if you haven’t heard already
  • More crews will be going out on Sunday and Monday.  We have slots open on both days for flood related cleanup, so, please check with friends, neighbors and associates – if they do need help, please email that information to pmillerkaty@gmail.com
  • If you are looking for other service opportunities outside of cleaning up from the flood, send an email to pmillerkaty@gmail.com as there are many ways to serve behinds the scenes or in the community.

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