Updates – Hurricane Harvey Relief 9/2

The amount of service taking place is so touching! Over 150 Helping Hands were out today and we expect a great turnout tomorrow and Monday as well.

Regarding Church:

  • For all those who will be helping with the flood relief efforts, we will hold a special sacrament meeting at 8 AM at our new Heritage Bluff Building. Come in work clothes please. The new bldg is located at 9100 Heritage Bluff Drive, Richmond TX 77406 (southwest corner of 1093 and Spring Green Blvd where it becomes 723).
  • All wards will be holding only a 1 hour church meeting (testimony/sacrament) at their normal time and location, with the exception of Sealy and Katy Mills:  Sealy will hold their 1 hour sacrament meeting at 8 AM (Sealy bldg) and Katy Mills will hold theirs at 10 AM (Drexel Bldg).
  • Relief Society Presidents will be collecting gift cards to help families in need. If you do not have one to give on Sunday, but would like to donate, please make arrangements with your RS president

Regarding Helping Hands (work parties):

  • We anticipate helping with flooded homes on Sunday and Monday. We are grateful to now have access to help with the homes of several Church members along the eastern edge of Katy that previously were inaccessible.
  • if you become aware of any homes that need remediation (Church members, friends, neighbors, colleagues) please email their name, phone number, address and a brief description of the needs to pmillerkaty@gmail.com
  • please contact your elders quorum president or high priest group leader if you would like to help with the flooded homes. If you’ve already been participating, please contact your crew leader directly.  We are holding update calls each evening with priesthood leaders and crew leaders.


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